CHEGGIO is a tiny old village in the Italian Alps with houses made of local stone. It is surrounded by woods and situated on a sunny mountain side, above the road. It is lined with flowerbeds, vegetable gardens and large meadows giving much space for all kinds of activities.
The last Italian farmers left about 50 years ago. After years of decay, German and Swiss people began to restore the houses and the land, making modern life in a natural healthy setting possible.
It takes about 20 minutes by foot to reach the village, while the luggage is being pulled up on a lift.
My family owns two little houses with a guest room, a room for therapy sessions, a kitchen with large dining table and a bathroom. Whenever it is warm enough, we cook and eat outside. The guest room has a toilet, a sink and a good wood stove and space to sleep for up to four people.
Cheggio lies roughly in the middle of the Antrona Valley, hidden by the trees, almost invisible from the road.