Coming to Cheggio with a group of friends can be a lot of fun and a very intense experience, especially if all of you decide to have a look at their inner universe.
It deepens the relationships tremendously seeing, feeling and understanding the forces inside the people you know. Strong connections are being formed by helping each other solve the inner tensions.
Ideally you bring enough friends to represent all the four corners of your personal energy field. You are then free to go in and out of the individual aspects of your self and even in and out of your whole energy system while the figures remain visible. As a facilitator I am free to accompany you into any role and support the actors who are often doing a lot of work for the blocked system. All your friends can take part in the transformatory process through the impulses they have in their roles.
There will be a lot to share while cooking and eating together or sitting at the campfire in the evenings.
After everyone's initiation it would be great to go on a vision quest together, awaken the renewed personalities and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the valley.

It is possible to share our guest room with two or three closer friends. Otherwise we can offer cheap summer accommodations in a tent or the attic (5 Euro per person and night). If notified in advance I can book an additional guest room in the village.

TIME NEEDED: an initial day together, half a day for each personal universe, possibly extra days for medicine walks, vision quest, hikes or other outings

200 Euro for the Four Corners Constellation
50 Euro for a person without own set-up
50 Euro for each extra session or visionary day trip
7 Euro per person and night if three people book the guest room
(5 Euro if four people share the same room)
10 Euro per person and day for food (vegetarian)
2.5 Euro per day for firewood if the room needs heating