Do you like Italy, picturesque towns, blooming balconies, the taste of pizza and the smell of cappuccino?
Do you like mountains, wooded slopes, rocky peaks against the blue sky, sparkling rivers, tumbling waterfalls, lovely lakes and colourful meadows sprinkled with flowers?
Would you like to spend some time in the Italian Alps in a small community rather than an anonymous hotel, with people who speak your language and give you advice about where to go?

Maybe you would like to try Cheggio, that strange little place in the wilderness.
You could come to be for yourself, read, write and meditate.
You could join into our life and experience biological gardening and self-sufficiency.
You could go on adventurous hikes and enjoy being alone on the mountain.
You could have a relaxing holiday, visit the market in Domodossola, stroll around one of the beautiful lakes, swim in the clear cool water and sit in front of a café with an espresso or a good glass of red vine.
You can come with your partner or friends, and you can also bring your whole family. While you're relaxing in the hammock, your children are welcome to use the volleyball field, the football goal, the ping-pong table and the trampoline.
We can offer you a guest room with a sleeping space for up to four people, table, chairs, fridge, water boiler, sink with running cold and hot water and an adjoined toilet. A shower is in our bathroom. You could use the cooker in front of our house or join our meals. More questions? Feel free to ask.
Please bring good boots, sleeping bag, flashlight, raingear, sun protection and a daypack.
15 Euro per night per adult and 7 Euro per night per child
10 Euro per person and day if you want to cook and eat with us (5 for kids)
2.5 Euro per day for firewood if the room needs heating
Helping in the garden reduces the costs, of course.