was developed by Dr. George Goodheart in the 1960's in the United States.
Goodheart was a doctor of chiropractic who found out that the body reacts to any kind of stimulus by giving positive or negative feedback. He offered the body to communicate its wisdom through the use of an indicator muscle (for ex. the delta muscle of the arm) which changes its quality in reaction to the stimulus or the posed question (muscle test). It stays strong for positive feedback and turns off as negative feedback.

With the help of this method one can check:
the body's structure (spine, joints, muscles...)
the energy system
possible allergies
unhealthy influences (magnetic fields, radiation, substances...)
underlying traumatic experiences
and much more.

The muscle test can be used to chose:
a supporting treatment
a Bach flower, herb, homeopathic remedies...
the right diet
physical exercises
and other means of healing.

Kinesiology can be applied:
as a form of gentle chiropractic
to prevent allergic reactions
to relieve traumas
as an aid for learning
and in many other fields.