Henriette Stodieck
born 1957
Trained as: a teacher for English and Physical Education at the Free University Berlin; a practitioner of natural medicine (specialised in acupuncture and applied kinesiology), and as a facilitator in process-oriented psychology in Zurich.
Yet, the most important training came from life itself.
Whilst living and working on the Mohawk Reservation at Akwesasne, N.Y., I found my own spirituality and the belief in the impossible. Overcoming my chronic eczema and surviving a severe accident made me trust that we can cope with any crisis and even learn from these experiences. Raising three children taught me love, compassion, understanding and patience.
Climbing the mountain tops by foot or ski brought courage and persistence. Last but not least, my love for movement, dance and acting allows me to enjoy playing any kind of role needed in the therapy situation.