This method is based on finding four figures to represent the major forces inside ourselves that shape our lives. These figures are like manifestations of the four winds which come from the four directions and carry knowledge and wisdom as well as personal experience. These energies can be developed to show their full capacity and meaning. As the four corners of our inner universe or our personal energy field, they can be arranged physically in a room or in the open. This shows the tensions between these differing or opposing powers which can be resolved and the real self set free.
We search for these powerful forces intuitively by using a tarot card and following the impulses of our bodies. We explore them by playing with their energy, transforming them into movement and dance, melody and song until they become archetypical figures. A warrior might appear facing sleeping beauty and a fool possibly turns its back on a priest.
If you come on your own, you and I play the different roles needed in the particular moments and visualise the missing figures. If friends come along, the four figures can be represented by participants of the group. They might stand, sit, squat or lie down in the appropriate position, becoming that energy and feeling as the represented figure. This gives them a chance to experience in these roles aspects of themselves.
Once the four corners are represented, our inner drama can be felt and seen:
Some figures might not stand upright, lacking power. We have to work on the system long enough until these figures/forces can stand up for their position and meaning in our life.
The distance between the figures and whether they look at each other or not can cause different emotions or physical symptoms. This shows the inner tensions which often stem from the conflict between our real self and its urge to develop itself fully on the one hand and the pressure to conform to the norms of the family, society and culture on the other hand.
Picking up the impulses of any one of us, who is acting as one of the figures, or the ideas appearing when standing in the middle or outside of the energy field, we cautiously, step by step, bring change to the locked system, always checking how everyone feels. We work, play and experiment until all of the four figures feel comfortable with themselves and the others.
This leads to a reformation of the whole system. The individual forces come closer together and re-orientate themselves physically according to the direction our real self takes.
It is then possible to stand in our own centre as the figure which momentarily carries the primary energy, surrounded and supported by the other important aspects of our personality.
Now we are able to feel our real self opening for the path of the heart, capable to meet the challenges of life. A true initiation.