You can decide to come to Cheggio:
to train in self-awareness and following your process consciously
to work on your body symptoms or chronic diseases
to understand your problems within your relationship or other situations
to find a new direction in your life

You can favour:
The Four Corners Method
Process Work in Nature
Understanding Body Symptoms
or chose to combine any one of these approaches

You can come:
on your own
with a partner
with a group of friends

You can book:

any chosen period of time throughout the year. Please ask for my availability.

You need time:

at least two days for the exploration of your inner universe, plus preparation and integration
three days with a partner and five with a group of friends. You can add more time for further healing or awareness sessions, medicine walks, vision quests, outings or vacations.

You will have to pay:

200 Euro for the initiation work
13/ 10/ 7/ 5 Euro per person and night depending whether 1, 2, 3 or 4 people share the room
10 Euro per person and day for food (vegetarian)
2.50 Euro per day for firewood in the winter

You should bring:

Boots, sleeping bag, flashlight, daypack, rain gear, sun protection, notebook, pen, watch