It is very likely that chronic body symptoms appear in one or more of the inner figures when you set up the Four Corners of Your Inner Universe. Therefore I would recommend to first explore and transform your personal energy field and then intensely work on the aspects inside causing the symptoms. It is this part of you which needs to express itself and we could try to help find a constructive way to do so.
To support this process we can directly ask the body what it needs to get out of its self-destructive pattern. Using Applied Kinesiology your own inner wisdom can chose helpful Bach flowers, homeopathic remedies or an acupuncture treatment.
Of course you can also concentrate on your body symptoms straight away in individual therapy sessions. We can experiment with your body sensations or the part of your body feeling pain. What's the hidden process behind it? Where else in your life does it appear?
In process work a symptom is regarded as a state, a frozen process, which cannot unfold because of our edges to it. It is the beginning of a dream, a potential seed, waiting for the experience within it to unfold.
You can open yourself to the flirtworld around you and let a part of nature pick up your process to show the wisdom behind the physical reaction.
Working on allergies there is the chance to become the plant which causes the attack of hay fever. Why does it provoke us? Could it have the quality which we should live more?
50 Euro for a therapy session
40 Euro for a treatment with alternative medicine
WORKSHOPS as an introduction to yoga, shiatsu, massage and kinesiology can be arranged