Milano Malpensa is the closest airport and has a direct bus connection to Villadossola, which is at the bottom of our valley. The bus line is called Alibus (Comazzi) and needs to be booked in advance. I can book it for you, if you give me the dates of your flight. The bus runs every day leaving Malpensa at 7.25, 11.00, 14.45, 17.45 and 21.15 and takes 80 minutes. There should be a line of busses outside the exit. At Terminal 1 look for bus stop n°12, at Terminal 2 (only EasyJet) it is n°19. Get there in advance and pay the driver. The ticket costs 15 Euro. Take small bills along, change might be a problem.
From Villadossola there is a bus to Antrona, running up our valley. The bus stop is around the corner. Turn left at the roundabout and find the sign "fermata". The bus passes at 9.25, 12.20 (on holidays) or 13.25 (on school days), at 17.15 (not on sat.) or 18.35. There are no later busses and none on Sunday. In this case one of us will pick you up from the bus stop.
The central train station is Domodossola where trains arrive from Milan and from Switzerland. Only local trains coming from Novara stop in Villadossola , which is closer.
The central bus station is located in Domodossola just on the left when walking out of the central train station. You see the time schedule for the several busses already next to the exit. Look for the bus to Antrona and find its stop n° 5. Once on the bus tell the driver that you want a ticket to Rivera, where you should get off. Rivera is the village that comes right after Viganella and you need to stand up in time to signal your intention to get off. The cost of the bus is about 2,50 Euros.
It runs on school days from Monday to Saturday at: 9.15, 12.10 (only Sat.), 12.55 (no Sat.), 13.30 (no Sat.), 17.05 (no Sat.) and 18.20 taking the Macugnaga bus and changing in Villadossola.
During the school vacations it only runs at: 9.15, 12.10, 17.05 (no Sat.) and 18.20.
There are no busses on Sundays and on holidays.
Taxis are to be found on the right leaving the train station. Their service often stops at 10 p.m. The costs of a taxi are currently 25 Euros for this short journey (30 minutes). You can also ask us to pick you up.
Stay on the road and continue walking up the valley for about 5 minutes. After the last houses, before passing the bridge, you need to turn right and then immediately left at the square with the garbage bins. After about 200 meters there is a cable way on your left , where you can load your baggage (always keep items of value with you). Continue to walk up the small street until you reach the car park (about 20 minutes).
The Path:
Arriving at the car park the asphalt road ends. Continue down on the gravel road. Before passing the stone bridge walk up the steps on the left and follow the path that leads you directly to Cheggio. Once you arrive in the village, turn left and then take the ramp to your right when you notice the path splitting in two. The path then takes you through the village to a meadow and a house with a balcony painted in dark brown. You have arrived at your destination.