Every human being can be considered to be a microcosm of the macrocosm, i.e. the world. As a natural being we can therefore look for reflections of our personalities in the natural environment around us.
We can let ourselves be attracted by certain phenomena in nature and follow our bodies' impulses to sit under a tree radiating its strength or kneel in front of a tiny flower which puts us in contact with our own tenderness.
In process work we learn to pick up those flirts because they contain important messages from the essence level.
We shape shift and become the tree or flower, dive into the flirt world, get in touch with the deep wisdom behind it all and give ourselves advice from this new perspective.
We can fall into deep meditation facing a mountain peak absorbing its magic power.

We can let our bodies take us to beautiful spots where the spirit of the place might speak straight to our hearts.
We can form a central question and search for an answer by picking up the signs appearing while heading up the hillside.
We can ask ourselves who we are at home and who we could be on top of the mountain. Walking forward and upward we develop our vision and turn into our dreamfigures to realise that they already are part of ourselves.
Cheggio and the unspoiled Antrona valley offer great possibilities for this kind of meditative work in nature.