After several years with Wwoof Germany, we joined Wwoof Italy in 2010 and have had 12 -15 wwoofers staying with us each year since then. We have always had many more requests and cannot take all the people interested in spending some time in Cheggio. Therefore we try to choose well to make your stay a positive experience for both sides. We would like you to know what you can expect, so you can decide yourself whether you would feel at home in our family, confronting a rural life in the mountains. If you need to cancel your trip, please tell us as soon as possible, so that other wwoofers get the chance to take your place.
We only take one or two wwoofers at the same time. Only for special building projects we might be open to accept 3 or 4, having a dormitory which can be shared.
Other than a dry, warm, comfortable place to sleep in one of the beautiful old houses, a shower, good healthy food, fresh water, clean air, and marvelous scenery, we offer a variety of different experiences. You can learn how to grow, keep, and use your own food: prepare the vegetable beds, sow, plant, water, weed and mulch the plants, trim the bushes, pick and conserve fruit, harvest, clean, store, deep-freeze, and cook vegetables and hang up erbs to dry. You can see a partially self-sustainable life-style in action, that includes heating with wood which needs to be chopped and stored next to the house. You can enjoy creating a beautiful landscape by mowing the meadows, raking the paths, tending the flowers, and taking care of the fruit trees. Our efforts at Zen gardening focus on creating outer and inner harmony, marrying the task with the outcome. You can learn to respect nature and take care of it. Some activities like weeding can be taken as a form of meditation, all alone in the garden listening to the birds singing. Other jobs like raking hay and carrying it uphill into the garden as mulch, can be used to get in shape. Mostly we work together, to learn and explore, and discuss all the topics this alternative way of life generates. This means that all our activities are not so much work as a chance to learn, to experience, to be part of a project, to grow. Cheggio is a wonderful place which gives a lot to us and every visitor. Interacting with it we hope to give something back to it.
We prefer energetic, respectful wwoofers who love to be active and get something done; who're able to get up in the morning, happy to be outside in the sun, curious about the activities to come, facing a hot day or a slight drizzle, coping with the slopes on the mountainside, ready to listen, trying to get the job right, satisfied with our food and glad to give us a hand.
We like to have fun with our wwoofers, eating and joking together, doing some arts and crafts if it's raining, playing table tennis as a break, taking a hike up the mountains, going for a dive in the creek, for a swim in the lake or to the market in Domodossola. We might even take you to Turin if our son is performing as a dancer. We love to share all of these activities when the work is done!