Holidays in Italy  -  back to nature  -   seminars in the Italian Alps  -  The Four Corners of the Inner Universe  -  getting in touch with your real self  -  setting up four important aspects of your personality  -  finding a solution to inner tensions  -  becoming one harmonious being with a lot of qualities  -  following the path of the heart  -  experiencing a true initiation  -  feeling connected to the universe  -  using nature as a mirror of your soul  -  going on medicine walks  -  looking for answers while hiking through the woods  -  inventing personal rituals  -  climbing the mountain for a vision quest  -  increasing the personal intuition  -  creativity  -  self-awareness  -  spirituality  -  taking therapy sessions to overcome helplessness, hesitation, indecision, inhibitions, shyness or sadness  -  using psychotherapy to confront deep emotions like anger, fear, anxiety, pain, sorrow, grief, depression  -  turning your worst enemy into your dearest ally  -  becoming your own healer, your own shaman  -  holidays and healing  -  understanding body symptoms  -  chronic diseases  -  allergies  -  underlying patterns to hay fever, asthma, dermatitis, eczema  -  curing backache, headache, migraine  -  using natural medicine  -  herbs  -  homeopathy  -  Bach flower remedies  -  making use of alternative medicine  -  acupuncture  -  acupressure  -  traditional chinese medicine  -  applied kinesiology  -  chiropractic  -  body therapy  -  holistic healing  -  workshops for yoga, shiatsu, kinesiology  -  holiday and recreation  -  vacation and relaxation  -  yoga and meditation  -  shiatsu  -  massage  -  muscle relaxation  -  sun-bathing  -  hot tub  -  back rub  -  unforgettable wellness  -  have a rest  -  recover  -  recuperate  -  holidays in the mountains  -  hiking  -  mountain climbing  -  excursions of all kinds  -  swimming in crystal clear lakes and sparkling rivers  -  heading for the waterfall  -  strolling through virgin forest  -  crossing alpine pastures sprinkled with wild flowers  -  gathering blueberries  -  drinking clear spring water  -  inhaling fresh air  -  climbing rocks  -  reaching the peak  -  being alone on top of the mountain  -  watching the eagle fly  -  an unspoilt natural environment  -  pure nature  -  near the majestic Monte Rosa covered in ice and snow and the beautiful Lago Maggiore with its mild climate and palm trees  -  staying in Cheggio  -  in a powerful beauty spot  -  a tiny village in a picturesque valley on the sunny side of the mountain  -  cheap holidays  -  helping in the garden  -  like the willing workers helping on organic farms  -  biological gardening for self-sufficiency  -  help in the vegetable garden, on the meadows, in the woods  -   gathering herbs and berries  -  making juice and jam  -  coming as a working guest  -  living in a family with children in a small community  -  creative holidays  -  workshops for arts and crafts  -  produce your own work of art  -  dream catcher  -  papier-mâché mirrors and picture frames  -  courses in drawing, painting and weaving willow baskets