Chose a weekend
, take a flight on Friday to get here in the early evening, get accustomed to this beautiful place, feel comfortable in our colourful guest room, join my family for a healthy dinner, and share your expectations with me in my practice room in the evening.
Enjoy an intense Saturday, exploring your four inner directions, letting them show their feelings and desires, fighting and playing with them until they become one harmonious being leading its own life.
We will both play the different roles needed in the particular moments and visualise the missing figures or mark their position with a pillow or rock.
Allow yourself some time on Sunday to integrate your new experience before you fly back home.
Stay longer if you wish more time to yourself or for trips in the area.

Chose a whole week to set up The Four Corners of Your Inner Universe and then using your new insights work on your specific problems or symptoms or look for a new direction in your life by going on a medicine walk or vision quest.

200 Euro for the initiation work
50 Euro for an additional session or visionary hike
13 Euro per night for accommodation
10 Euro per day for food (vegetarian)
2.50 Euro per day for firewood if the guest room needs heating